The Marshall Brand

Jye Marshall is an Australian based company established 2015. Jye Marshall is a high end ready-to-wear fashion and Interiors brand focused on Creating functional and sophisticated clothing. The brand is ultra modern, creating simple silhouettes with a high focus on small details. The brands focus is to create Australian designed clothing and interiors to export globally. Our pieces are made to last for generations, creating that timeless piece you will love for years.


Drop One RTW Pre-Order Coming Soon.

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Can Consumer Education Fix Fashion Overconsumption?

We’ve all had that feeling of buying something and then getting to the next day and to start pondering why we purchased it, and then the real struggles comes with trying to find space in our wardrobe for it. You’re probably thinking the easy solution is to just buy a bigger wardrobe but there is an underlying issue here impacting our environment. This issue is...

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